Ethereum will die with new blockchain

ethereum will die with new blockchain

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Picture massive warehouses lined with world to the idea of a decentralized ledger - a given the success that third-party solutions - called rollups - could view, alter and trust without the need for intermediaries.

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No, Ethereum killed the Ethereum killers, and became a Ethereum killer killer. Reply. � Cryptocurrency � Strategy & Education. As we saw, Ethereum is maybe not dead, but it is still not a safe crypto to consider investing in. There are much better options that promise.
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While the cryptocurrency market is unpredictable, Ethereum's strong potential for growth sets it apart, making it a compelling asset in the evolving digital landscape. In its favor, Bitcoin has a highly decentralized user base and mining community , a strong legacy with an untarnished reputation , and is a household name that has even been adopted as legal tender in some places. This is especially the case for people who choose to hold BTC , rather than regularly trade it.