Bitcoin stock 2 flow

bitcoin stock 2 flow

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Bitcoin stock 2 flow What are sats in crypto
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Bitcoin stock-to-flow model measures Bitcoin's value through the rate of stock production and the scarcity of the resource. The Bitcoin Stock To Flow Chart is a simple, yet powerful chart that helps to reveal where the BTC price might go far into the future. This model, developed by the pseudonymous analyst known as PlanB, provides insights into Bitcoin's scarcity and potential price trends.
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Presidential hopefuls are getting louder on crypto issues, at least for now Cryptocurrencies are gaining attention in the early stages of the US Presidential election, particularly among Republican candidates like Vivek Ramaswamy and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. How is the stock-to-flow model used for Bitcoin? Price is a result of supply and demand and where they equalize at. We also know at all times what the exact supply of Bitcoin is, where as no one truly knows how much gold or silver there might be in the world.